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Jamie Foxx surprises woman visiting Chicago by retrieving her lost bag

Jamie Foxx gives woman a surprise of a lifetime in Chicago
Jamie Foxx gives woman a surprise of a lifetime in Chicago 01:53

CHICAGO (CBS) – Actor Jamie Foxx was spotted again in the Chicago area.

On Monday, CBS 2 showed you a video of the star at a Top Golf. On Tuesday, we met a woman who not only met him but she said he was her savior.

Her name is Queeni Glenn. She's from Columbus, Ohio, and was in town to support her sister, who has breast cancer.

She was riding a ped-cab on Michigan Avenue with some family members when the sighting happened. Here's what she said happened:

"I hadn't even realized that I had set my bag down," Glenn said. "I think my bag had to fall out of the carriage in some kind of weird way. I didn't even know it was gone until a black SUV rolled up beside me, and the guy rolled the window down and proceeded to step out of the car. But as he was stepping out, I realized that's my bag. At the same time, I realized that that's Jamie Foxx!"

She added, "So I was like Jamie? What? I don't know. I went around, hopped off the bike. He hopped out of the car, and he walked over and handed me my bag. A pleasant smile and I just thanked him and, I don't know, it was just like, what? He looks good, and he said he was good. I asked him, is he feeling good? And he said, 'I feel good.'"

Glenn added the experience was "so funny, like wow."

Foxx had been in Chicago recovering from a medical condition since earlier this year.

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