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Investigator Dedicated To Identifying 7 Unknown Gacy Victims

CHICAGO (CBS) -- CBS 2 has new information about the active investigation into seven murders, each: believed to be victims of John Wayne Gacy.

CBS 2's Brad Edwards spoke with the head of the investigations in this Original Report.

On a day of another Gacy answer, Brad Edwards looked at the Gacy questions: the known unknowns.

The investigative lead has 35 tips in the que from families looking for loved ones.

The ID's of seven young men, whose bodies were discovered in Gacy's yard or crawlspace, have remained a mystery.

Detective Jason Moran of the Cook County Sheriff's Department is the lead detective on the re-opening of the Gacy case, working for young men who have been dead for decades.

Of the eight known Gacy victims when he opened the case, seven remain unknown despite good DNA samples.

"Having the victim's DNA profile is fine, but you have to have something to compare it to," said Moran.

"We never knew how many missing boys from the 70's that would fit the scenario, there were, so it's been overwhelming," said Moran.

The detective who lives the Gacy case doesn't mention the name.

"I hate even bringing him up. He's an evil killer.

It's about victims without names.

"Our goal is to identify them all," said Moran.

There were once nine known, unknown victims. They were buried in nine separate cemeteries because they didn't want one site to become a macabre tourist destination.

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