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'I Would Hope It Would Get Better': Seniors Navigate The Tech Terrain To Get Their COVID Shots

CHICAGO (CBS) -- On average, 79,000 people are being vaccinated every day in Illinois.

Governor JB Pritzker said he's hopeful that will be at least 100,000 a day by mid-March.

The biggest push is to get the shot into the arms of our state's seniors. But some with pre-existing conditions are going to great lengths to get their shots. CBS 2's Steven Graves has more.

On Thursday, nearly 30,000 seniors signed up to get the COVID vaccine at the United Center, but there are highs and lows with signing up. Technology is the main driver in these processes.

And for those seniors who needed that personal interaction, they were not afraid to look for it.

Chicagoan Ronald Bogan has the paperwork.

"There's the appointment date and time."

It's proof of his online-booked COVID-19 vaccine appointment at the United Center. So, why show up in person? He wanted verification. He says the booking site, Zocdoc, had him going in circles.

"I did not want to show up here on this appointment date that I have and have them say 'This is not good'."

The city later offered to give him a call.

Nancy Hernandez struggled, too, giving the site an "OK" grade.

"Being it's the first day, I guess a 'C', but I would hope it would get better."

Like many in Illinois, Hernandez and Bogan tried to sign up right at 8:30 in the morning. That's when thousands of appointments went online. The city said the site was slammed at that time.

Rebecca Keating's group "Vaccine Angels" prepared. They created accounts on Zocdoc for seniors days in advance.

"So that we were ready to rock and roll this morning," Keating said.

They signed up 83 seniors at the United Center. There were some initial hiccups. At first, only drive-up appointments were available. No walk-ins showed up.

"[drive-ups] were the only United Center (option) available and then about 10 minutes later, you had a choice," she added.

But for seniors, technology is not so easy. Prepare to also be tech savvy for the new Chicago Fire Department vaccine pilot program.

Paramedics go door-to-door delivering shots. That program successfully launched Thursday. Those sign-ups are also online.

"If you have someone who can help you, ask them. Everyone feels good about wanting to do something good right now."

Another tip from Vaccine Angels is to try and avoid clicking on the first available date. Everyone's hunting for that one. So along with Zocdoc, you can call the number on your screen - 312-746-4835.

The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

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