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Homeless Shelter Opens But No Guests Show Up

(WBBM) - There was turkey and all the fixings and a warm place to spend the night. But something strange happened Sunday night when Kendall County opened its first homeless shelter.

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Shelter volunteers waited inside Cross Lutheran Church in Yorkville, according to the Beacon News, eager to greet Kendall County's homeless.

And they waited.


Nobody came.

Not a single guest.

The shelter service is called Public Action to Deliver Shelter, or PADS. It will be available six nights a week at rotating churches.

The site coordinator is quoted as saying "The homeless are really an invisible population."

But she didn't mean it that way. She was really saying they're all over the place, blending in.

She expects as it gets colder there will be plenty of guests at the shelter.

Four hundred volunteers have signed up to help out at shelters housed in the churches that will take turns serving those in need.

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