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Hole On Roadside Remains Near Jackson Park Despite 311 Request Being Marked 'Completed' By City

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A hazardous hole on the side of the road is causing frustrations in the Jackson Park area.

One man says he reported it the city – but as CBS 2's Tim McNicholas has uncovered for months now, that doesn't always result in the desired solution.

"It's just that it's a safety issue by all means," said the resident. "Like I could fall in there. You could fall in there."

That safety issue is at 67th Street and East End Avenue, on the northern edge of the South Shore neighborhood.

A 311 request for the problem was recently marked completed by the city. But the hole remained.

"It's just unacceptable, honestly," the resident said.

When we asked the city about the hole, they said they fixed a leak at the site on March 4, but had to leave it partially open for some electrical work.

The Department of Water Management said since then, they've repeatedly replaced barricades around the hole – because somehow, they keep getting knocked down, including after the 311 request.

The same day we started asking questions, the city said they are starting to restore the street and patch the hole up for good.

"It's very frustrating," the resident said.

From abandoned cars to piles of trash, we have repeatedly found residents frustrated by 311 requests marked "completed" – when in their view, the job is far from done.

We started looking for solutions, and the City of San Diego told us their crews are encouraged to follow up with residents to ensure the job was done to their satisfaction. They even upload public photos on some requests to show their work.

"Taking photographs of completed work, I think, is such a critical thing that needs to be done here," said 311 expert Spencer Stern.

The resident who reported the hole said he would like to see a better barricade – or maybe a temporary cover on it.

Now, the city says the street will be back to normal this week.


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