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Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Railroad Security Guard In Harvey

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Police have captured the 24-year-old man wanted for the murder of a railroad security guard in south suburban Harvey.

Rashad Williams was taken into custody Sunday night in Chicago Heights, three days after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Harvey police spokesman Sean Howard said Williams was under police surveillance Sunday night when he went into a store to shop, and came out with two grocery bags. Police officers immediately pounced on him.

Williams had been known to carry two guns at a time, so Howard said police were not taking any chances when they took him down as his hands were busy carrying the grocery bags.

"As we approached him, slammed him to the ground, he was very irate, and we obviously were able to get the gun from his waistline; but while handcuffing him, he made the statement that he was prepared for a shootout, and that no jail cell was going to keep him down," Howard said.

Williams, a convicted felon, allegedly shot Tyrone Hardin, 38, while fleeing police on Nov. 26. Police said Williams had stolen a car from a woman at a gas station at 159th and Halsted, and crashed less than a mile away as officers gave chase. He then allegedly ran under a viaduct, and up on the CN Railway tracks and into the nearby railyard, where he encountered Hardin, who was working security at the railyard.

Police said Williams shot Hardin in the stomach, and fired shots at someone else before stealing Hardin's car and fleeing the scene.

Tyrone Hardin
Tyrone Hardin and his son. (Family photo)

Howard said tips about Williams started coming in after authorities announced a reward for information leading to his capture. He said police were close to catching Williams on Saturday.

"He was aware that we were, in fact, on his tail. We actually were within minutes of grabbing him on [Saturday evening] in an undercover situation, but he was able to evade that particular sting," Howard said.

Police said formal murder charges likely would be filed against Williams either late Monday night or Tuesday morning.

"It really gives me a great deal of joy to know that it's near an end. We still have some work to do. Once again, we're certain that the man we're looking for was Rashad Williams, and it just really brings me pleasure to announce today that he's in custody," Harvey Police Deputy Chief Gregory Thomas said.

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