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Rep. Luis Gutierrez And Family Threatened by Cesar Sayoc, FL Mail Pipe Bomb Suspect

CHICAGO (CBS)--An Illinois congressman was threatened on social media by the South Florida man who was arrested Friday and charged in connection with mailing more than a dozen package bombs to top Democrats and Trump critics.

A tweet on at least one Twitter account tied to Cesar Sayoc appears to threaten Democratic Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez and his family.

A post on the Twitter handle @hardrockintlent, reads: "Hey slime scrum you like make threats we Unconquered Seminole Tribe will answer your threats on our land here Sawmp and Everglades and we will find see you very soon. Remember hug your loved real close everytime u walk out your doors. Watch family real cl."

Luis Threat
(Credit: Twitter)

The account has since been suspended.

The Congressman's office released screenshots of the threatening tweets and a response Friday afternoon. The tweets show a photo of Gutierrez with his family members and images referencing death.


Death Card
(Credit: Twitter)


Gutierrez Threats
Rep. Luis Gutierrez's office released these images of apparent threats against the congressman. (Credit: Twitter)

In the statement, "The Congressman is pleased there has been an arrest in this case, but we continue to be vigilant against threats.  In consultation with the Chicago Police Department, US Capitol Police, and the US Postal Service, our staff and the Congressman's family are taking every precaution against any devices that could still be in the postal system."

Sayoc was taken into custody at a Miami Auto Zone store on State Road 7 at SW 6th Street around 10:30 a.m.

He was apparently living in a white van that was plastered with pro-Republican and anti-Democratic stickers, authorities said.

An official told CBS that Sayoc told investigators the "pipe bombs wouldn't have hurt anyone and that he didn't want to hurt anyone."

Sayoc, who lives in the South Florida area, reportedly has ties to New York.

He has been charged with interstate transport of explosives, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and other persons, threatening interstate commerce, and assaulting current and former federal officers.

So far, 13 packages containing improvised explosive devices have been sent to high-profile figures across the U.S.

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