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Group targets Chicago South Side clothing store in overnight crash-and-grab burglary

Video shows crash and grab at Chicago clothing store
Video shows crash and grab at Chicago clothing store 01:49

CHICAGO (CBS) – A group of burglars stole merchandise after crashing an SUV into a clothing store in the Beverly neighborhood Saturday morning.

The crash-and-grab burglary happened around 4 a.m. at "Shop 147" on the corner of 95th and Claremont.

Clothing and other items were left scattered on the floor.

The store's security guard said a Jeep SUV crashed through it. Afterward, five or six burglars from two other cars jumped out and made multiple trips in and out of the store to steal things – happening in about five minutes.

"Yeah, the smash itself is what really got my attention," he said. "Because I'm like, 'There's no way they're just gonna smash a car into the store right?' And then it was like - because who wants to be inside of a car and crash into a store anyway?"

The owner said he believes the thieves staked out the store earlier to see what they had inside.

No arrests were made.

Area detectives were investigating. 

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