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Illinois Secretary of State-elect Alexi Giannoulias brings opponent Dan Brady onto transition team

Illinois Secretary of State-elect Giannoulias picks opponent Brady for transition team
Illinois Secretary of State-elect Giannoulias picks opponent Brady for transition team 01:40

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The winner of race for Illinois Secretary of State and his opponent are setting politics aside.

Democrat Alexi Giannoulias faced of against Republican Dan Brady for Secretary of State in the November election. Giannoulias won – and he has now appointed Brady to his transition team.

CBS 2's Brad Edwards talked with both men about coming together for the sake of the people.

Edwards: "What was the impetus of this, in bringing the person you defeated in the race onto your transition team?"

Giannoulias: "We need more bipartisanship in this country. We need more stability. People are sick and tired of the anger, the vitriol, and the partisanship. They just want government that's going to fight to make their lives better – and Representative Brady has had a distinguished career in Springfield. He understands these issues. He spent over a year campaigning for his office; does his homework. So to me, it was a no-brainer."

Edwards: "Mr. Brady, were you surprised by Mr. Giannoulias' invite?"

Brady: "I was pleasantly surprised. I thank the Secretary-elect, and I look forward to helping him in every way I can. People say: 'Wow – that's a great idea! That's novel!' We went as Illinoisans – we have people who are going to try and find a common ground. We know there are issues we disagree on – but how about the common things that we can come together on; the things that we can help improve in office, and efficiency?"

Giannoulias: "And hopefully, someone is watching this saying, 'There are two good guys who are friends and are doing the right thing, and they're putting party behind them, and they just want to help.' It sounds fundamentally simple and a little idealistic, but to me it's not that complicated."

Watch Edwards' entire interview with Giannoulias and Brady below.

Illinois Secretary of State-elect Alexi Giannoulias, opponent Dan Brady on unity 09:37
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