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FOP President Dean Angelo Says Firing Gun The "Last Thing" Officers Want To Do

(CBS) -- Relatives and supporters of the two latest victims of police shooting in Chicago are wondering why more officers don't use Tasers instead of guns. WBBM's Nancy Harty reports the head of the police union says it's not that simple.

Fraternal Order of Police president Dean Angelo says there are major misperceptions being spread about police following the most recent fatal shooting.

"Thinking that policemen are trigger-happy or intent on using deadly force, that's the last thing someone wants to do," Angelo said.


Only one in five officers is certified to carry a Taser and Angelo says he's concerned about an overreaction.

"We need police officers well-trained," he said. "We need them well-equipped with the latest technology but we certainly don't need the loudest voice to get to dictate what police officers do."

A police department spokesman says they are expanding Taser availability and training. While talking with WBBM, Angelo received a call that an officer was not able to register for training because it was full.

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