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Fiancé Of Woman Slain In Joliet Township Mass Shooting Desperate For Justice 'I'll Never Get To See Her In A Wedding Dress'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A family's desperate plea out of Joliet Township; nearly one week after a mass shooting on the 1000 block of East Jackson Street left two people dead and over a dozen others injured, police have arrested a prime suspect Friday.

CBS 2's Marissa Parra reports loved ones reached out to the Morning Insiders asking for help seeking justice.

Adam Gregurich's proposal and his love for Holly Matthews were picture perfect.

"We were the best when we were together," he said.

Gregurich showed CBS 2 videos of him and Matthews off-roading, their favorite activity together.

He replays these moments, waiting for a call he knows is never coming.

"This whole time I keep thinking I'm going to wake up she's going to be like, 'I'm okay!'" he said.

His fiancée, who was studying to be an arborist, was one of two people killed over Halloween weekend in Joliet Township. Matthews and Jonathan Ceballos were both 22; both victims of a party turned nightmare.

Gregurich's sister, Emily, was one of Matthews' best friends, and was with her the night of the mass shooting that left more than 12 others wounded.

"We didn't stay for long. We were on our way out," she said.

The Will County Sheriff's office has said nearly 200 people showed up to the party; most of them uninvited.

"It was just too many people," Emily said.

She and Matthews were only there for 20 minutes, but long enough for tragedy.

"Then the shots happened," she said. "Everyone ran, and I didn't run, because I couldn't find Holly. I wasn't going to run without her."

She's quiet, because her thoughts are too loud, unable to speak about what she saw when she found Matthews on the ground.

"Just all keeps replaying in my head," she said.

The sheriff's office said the mass shooting appears to be gang-related, but the victims were not connected to gangs; instead caught in crossfire, ending a love story still being written

"I'll never get to see her in a wedding dress," Gregurich said.

What does justice for Matthews look like?

"We need to catch these guys. We need to catch these guys, because they don't deserve to be out and walking around," Gregurich said.

At least one male victim remains in critical condition.

Sheriff's officials said they've interviewed over 100 people who were at the party on Jackson Street, but there are still dozens who have refused.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Will County Sheriff's Detective Danielle Strohm at (815) 727-8574 at extension 4930, or by email. Anonymous tips can be submitted on the Will County Sheriff's website. People may also contact Will County Crime Stoppers by telephone at (800) 323-6734, or visit their website.

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