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Falling Ice Closes Streets Again Near Willis Tower, Former Hancock Center

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Huge chunks of ice falling off the Willis Tower and the former Hancock Center led to street closures and damaged at least one car early Thursday morning.

Falling ice has been a problem downtown for the past few days, after a mix of sleet and freezing rain earlier this week.

Police shut down Adams between Wells and Franklin, along the north side of the Willis Tower.

A large chunk of ice shattered a window at a nearby building; and people walking nearby had to go around, and cover their heads for protection.

"I just started seeing them fall. They're huge chunks," said Leon Anderson, who was walking near the Willis Tower early Thursday. "Basically coming home from work. I'm just looking to see all the ice. Next thing you know, I just hear loud pieces of ice falling, and I start walking in the street, because it's dangerous."

Several people also were forced to run for cover outside 875 N. Michigan Ave., formerly known as the John Hancock Center, as large chunks of ice rained down overnight. Police closed off Delaware Place between Michigan Avenue and Mies Van Der Rohe Way, along the north side of the building.

No injuries were reported, but one vehicle parked outside the iconic skyscraper took a huge hit, as large chunks of ice shattered the rear windshield, and left a dent in the roof.

The car's owner said it could have been a different story if someone had been sitting in his back seat.

"I was parked in front of the Hancock visiting somebody, and next thing I know is they're calling me. My back windshield was obliterated," he said. "If it would have hit a human, it would have killed them."


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