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ONLY ON 2: Out-Of-Town Victim Speaks After Fighting Off Carjackers Who Put Gun To His Chest Right In Loop

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A man from out of town fought off a group of would-be carjackers right in the Loop Monday night, and they even pulled a gun on him.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar arrived on the scene moments after it all went down on Lake Street. The victim, from Las Vegas, was in the driver's seat of his car when he parked with his buddy and popped into a Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

Within just seconds, a group of teens went in with guns and attacked the man.

"I am injured from my leg and my chest," said Luv Randhawa. "They put the gun on my chest and they were hitting it. There were four or five people."

We met Randhawa as he was surrounded by police in the middle of State Street front of the Chicago Theatre Monday night.

"They were trying to take this car," Randhawa said. "This car is rental."

Randhawa fought off a group of teens who not only tried taking his rental car, but also his life.

"He pulled the trigger out. Something pops out," Randhawa said. "The bullet pops out, so the gun got latched."

Witnesses on the street yelled for police to be called, and the assailants all started running, police said.

Police caught the crew blocks away in front of the L stop at Clark and Lake streets. They were all cuffed and arrested.

"I was like, 'Dude, if you are going to shoot me, before shooting me, I will take this car off and I'm going to smash it on the wall, and you're going to die with me,'" Randhawa said.

The silver Dodge Challenger was taken to the Central (1st) District police station, where Luv Randhawa got to talk to his love. It's his anniversary.

"One was choking, one was biting me on my leg, one was with the gun," Randhawa said. "His gun was right here, and I moved it from my hand, so his gun got tossed."

Randhawa said his wife was alarmed.

"I spoke to her and she was like: 'Are you real? Is this real? Today on our anniversary, this is going to happen?'" he said.

Randhawa and his friend who was with him are trucks driver from Las Vegas, Randhawa drove off Monday night with one comment.

"If they want to come meet me in Vegas, they are more than invited," he said. "We will show them what Vegas looks like."

Police said charges were pending against the suspects with Area Three detectives investigating. They said the gun used in the crime appeared to be a replica.

Meanwhile, De Mar asked Randhawa and his friend – after they had a gun pulled on them and already had their car stolen, won't they be taking it easy for the night? No, they said, they were going out to celebrate and have kebabs.

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