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Domestic violence survivor's mom urges victims to leave abusers, after daughter's boyfriend shot CPD officer

Mother of girlfriend of suspect in officer's shooting says he threatened her daughter's life
Mother of girlfriend of suspect in officer's shooting says he threatened her daughter's life 02:36

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After a man shot a Chicago police officer who was responding to a domestic disturbance call on Friday in the Little Italy neighborhood, CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot spoke to the mother of the victim of that domestic dispute.

The victim's mother said she's sharing her daughter's story to empower other victims of domestic violence to leave their abusers.

She received a text message from her daughter, asking her to please call the police to come to her address on Taylor Street.

Her daughter wrote quickly, "Call u please call the police. Right here moma. It's ok. 1342 W. Taylor." She also texted the apartment number.

Her mother immediately called 911 to get the police there.

The mother agreed to speak with CBS 2 if we did not show her face, or use her name. She said the daughter's boyfriend, who was arrested Friday morning after shooting a CPD officer responding to that 911 call, had threatened her daughter's life numerous times before Friday's incident.

"He threatened her a lot with a gun. He threatened her a lot. You know, it's sad, it's sad! I tell her not to be with him but, you know," she said.

The mother said, on Memorial Day, the violence continued.

"He shot her car up!" she said.

Asked if her daughter was afraid to leave her boyfriend, the mother said, "I don't know. I don't know."

Leave abusers now, mother of domestic violence survivor urges other victims 03:45

Police said the boyfriend is a convicted felon. Sources with knowledge of the incident said the boyfriend slashed his wrists in front of police. After his arrest, he was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment.

The victim's mother said her daughter told her he's been suffering from mental health issues.

"She said that he's got bipolar [disorder], so that could be ... you know, that could be a reason," she said.

She had this message for the officer who responded to the call, to help her daughter:

"I just hope he, the officer, will be okay, and I'm praying for him," she said.

That mother stressed she wanted to share her story and tell other young women in abusive relationships to leave now. Don't wait.

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