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Dolton Mayor Says Staff Not Behind Racist Flyer, Suspects Opponent

DOLTON (CBS) -- Village of Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers said he has nothing to do with a racist flyer depicting three black political candidates as members of a prison chain gang.

CBS 2's Sandra Torres reports.

Rogers said his staff has not released any hate mail.

"From the very beginning, we've ran our campaign the way we started, a professional campaign," he said.

The flyer includes superimposed faces of mayoral candidate Stanley Brown, along with fellow trustees Robert Hunt. Jr. and Tiffany Henyard. Thornton Township Supervisor Frank Zuccarelli looms in the foreground.

Rogers suspects Brown may have released the controversial flyer. But Brown said his opponent has used this tactic before.

"I look at two years ago, he did the same thing to some other opponents that were actually running as trustees," he said.

Trustee Duane Muhammad, the third candidate in the mayoral race, views the flyer as a distraction and a stain on the village of Dolton.

"It's a turn off for these voters and we're too mature for that," he said.

Mayor Rogers is also accusing the Brown campaign of printing his personal cell phone number on a flyer. Brown's campaign did not deny that, and wants Dolton residents to contact Rogers to say "no" to plans for a strip club. Rogers said the club is not in the works.

The election will take place on Tuesday.

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