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The criminal histories of the suspects in CPD Officer Areanah Preston's murder

The criminal histories of the suspect's in CPD Officer Areanah Preston's murder
The criminal histories of the suspects in CPD Officer Areanah Preston's murder 02:06

CHICAGO (CBS) -- CBS 2 is always investigating.

CBS 2's Marissa Perlman reports on the criminal history of the suspects charged in the murder of CPD Officer Areanah Preston. They all now face first degree murder and armed robbery charges in Saturday's killing.

All of them with a criminal history. Three of the suspects were 14 at the time of their first arrest. The youngest was arrested for the first time at 13.  Each of the four suspects in CPD Officer Areanah Preston's murder has a lengthy criminal history.

Their records show a pattern of committing new crimes while on probation. The most serious sentence: Joseph Brooks, 18, arrested nine times since 2019. Charges involve a stolen car, theft and armed robbery.

Last September, he was sent to juvenile detention for a carjacking he committed while on probation, and was classified as a violent juvenile offender.

Sources tell the CBS 2 Investigators this case was closed just a few weeks before Officer Preston's murder. Jakwon Buchanan also 18, was arrested in 2019 for robbery. While on probation, he was arrested again for carjacking.

Last November, a juvenile arrest warrant was issued related to both of those crimes.

Then there's 19-year-old Trevell Breeland, who has faced multiple charges as an adult and a juvenile. He too was on probation at the time of the murder. His record dates back to 2018 and includes attacking a teacher and pushing his mother down the stairs. He's never been given more than probation or supervision. 

The youngest suspect, Jaylen Frazier, is 16. his first arrest in 2019 was at 13. He served four years probation. While on probation for robbery, he was arrested multiple times for weapons offenses, armed robbery and having a stolen car. He too spent time in juvenile detention.

Three of the four have had some involvement with DCFS but the details of those cases are not yet clear. They are all being held without bond.

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