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Crime Not Declining In Every Chicago Neighborhood

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It hasn't happened in a long time: official statistics from City Hall say crime in Chicago actually dropped this summer compared to last summer.

City data show violent crime compared with last year is down 9 percent, and it is down 10 percent over the summer months.

But CBS 2's Jeremy Ross dug into that data and found not all communities are seeing that trend.

Across the board, violent crime is on the decline -- and that includes homicides. But police and public officials said they're not satisfied. Mayor Lori Lightfoot likewise said law enforcement's work is far from over, adding she will never be satisfied until Chicago makes long-term dramatic decreases in violence – whether it is shooting incidents or homicides.

That sentiment is also the case with some in Chicago's communities.

Michelle Kim's South Shore shop specializes in beauty. But those working inside describe a gritty reality outside that no amount of makeup can mask.

"(There was) somebody shooting from the inside the car shooting to outside the window," Kim said.

Kim said over the past two years, the violence surrounding where she works is, in part, responsible for a 10% dip in sales.

"I'm frustrated," Kim said.

She adds that police and the local alderman have worked hard to address the problem.

So far this year, parts of South Shore and Jackson Park have seen a 28% increase in violent crime. But overall violent crime in the city has been on the decline.

So far this year it's down 9%, 10% over the summer months. Mayor Lightfoot calling the progress a working process.

Kim believes the city and the police are doing what they can to combat the crime at her doorstep.

For decades, Kim's family has operated this store. They have no plans to move, but hopes crime takes its business elsewhere.

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