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Coronavirus In Chicago: Mass Transit Refunds From CTA, South Shore, Metra

CHICAGO (CBS) -- As more workers in Indiana and Illinois work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, mass transit agencies are offering a variety of refunds and incentives for commuters.

The CTA's Ventra is offering prorated credit for customers with seven or 30 day passes.

For example, a seven day pass that was activated on March 15 and used only that day would be eligible for a prorated refund reflecting six unused days. Prorated credits will be issued as transit value that is added to the cardholder's Ventra account, which can be used to purchase passes and pay for future trips. Send an email to with the following information no later than April 13, 2020: Account holder's name, transit account ID number and type of pass.

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The South Shore is currently allowing monthly pass riders to use their March ticket for the month of April.

Metra is allowing health care workers and first responders to ride for free.

Under Metra's refund policy, montly passes will be refunded on a percentage basis depending on the date returned, with 100 percent refunded on or before Day 1 of the month for which the ticket is valid and 85 percent refunded on Day 2. The amount refunded continues to be reduced by 5 percent for every day thereafter until close of business on day 18 of the month, at which time no refund is permitted. Metra will also waive its $5 handling fee for monthly pass refunds due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information on how to obtain a refund here.

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