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COPA Releases Video Of July Police Shooting During Foot Chase In Bronzeville

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Wednesday released body camera and surveillance camera footage of a police officer shooting a man fleeing a stop in Bronzeville in July.

Police said the incident happened in the 4500 block of South Drexel Boulevard, and started as a street stop just before 9:40 p.m. on July 25.

Officers from the 2nd District pulled over a vehicle and were approaching two men in the car, when one of them ran into a nearby alley.

Body camera footage released by COPA on Wednesday shows one officer chasing the man through an alley, shouting at him to stop.

"Stop, or I'm gonna shoot you! B****, I'm gonna shoot you, stop!" the officer can be heard saying before firing at least four shots.

Log # 2021-2862 Body Worn Camera 1 by COPA Chicago on Vimeo

The video does not clearly show whether or not the man was holding a gun or pointing a weapon at the officer at the time.

Surveillance video from two nearby buildings shows the man continuing to run, and repeatedly stumbling onto the ground, after the officer shot him in the leg.

Moments later, the officer caught up with the man as he laid in the alley, complaining about his wounded leg.

"Y'all shot me," "Why did y'all shoot me? My leg, look at my leg," the man said.

The officer who shot him is also heard asking the man, "Where's the gun?"

Although none of the videos clearly show the man holding a gun or pointing a weapon at officers during the chase, police have said his gun was recovered at the scene.

Log # 2021-2862 3rd Party 3 by COPA Chicago on Vimeo

Two suspects were taken into custody, and no officers were injured, police said at the time.

The officer who fired his gun was placed on 30 days of administrative duty after the shooting, as is standard procedure in police shootings.

Police have not said why they tried to stop the men initially.

Log # 2021-2862 3rd Party 4 by COPA Chicago on Vimeo
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