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Chicago Police Report Nearly 200 More Shootings So Far In 2021 Than Same Time In 2020

CHICAGO (CBS) -- So far this year there have been nearly 200 more shootings in Chicago than there were by summer of last year. But there was a small dip in crime over the Father's Day weekend.

This weekend 65 people were shot, which is down from 89 the same weekend last year. Chicago had 10 murders, down from 17. And police confiscated 172 guns over the weekend -- more than a 100% increase.

"Might I remind everyone that every gun recovered by a Chicago police officer is a deadly force encounter," said CPD Supt. David Brown.

As for carjackings, police provided a timeline for the year. They said there were 29 carjackings last week. They hit a high back in January with 84 in one week. So far there have been more than 700 this year.

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