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Chicago Police officers face disciplinary action after Mag Mile attacker was allowed to get away

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CHICAGO (CBS) -- Four Chicago Police officers could be disciplined after an attack on the Magnificent Mile left a man dead - and police let the attacker get away.

Police say the assailant has now attacked again.

Cook County prosecutors said on June 29, 53-year-old Russell Long was walking past the Cartier store at 630 N. Michigan Ave., when Graham ran up behind him at random and punched him in the head, knocking him to the pavement.

Witnesses who called 911 saw Graham sit on a nearby fire hydrant for about five minutes after the attack, until noticing the sound of approaching sirens, then began walking north on Michigan Avenue. The witnesses followed him for less than a minute before approaching a squad car and telling police, and then walking back to the victim to check on him.

Russell Long Caring Cremations

Since then, we have learned the Chicago Police officers on duty at the time were sitting in a squad car watching a TV show on a tablet when the witnesses came up to them.

The officers didn't complete a full report.

Minutes later, two other officers responded to a call to help a victim of that same battery, who had severe head trauma.

Officers Jose Aguinaga and Manuel Soto are both facing five-day suspensions, while Officer John Smith faces a three-day suspension, and Officer Victor Creed a two-day suspension.

As to Graham, prosecutors last month said police questioned Graham, who admitted on body-worn camera to hitting Long and knocking him out. Graham was not arrested at the time, according to prosecutors.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he died on July 12. An autopsy determined he died of brain injuries, and had suffered severe head injuries, including a fractured skull.

In October, police say Graham beat another person - this time with a metal stick outside Wrigley Field. The incident was caught on Sports World Chicago Earth Cam across the street.

Graham was arrested on Oct. 25, while already in Cook County Jail on an unrelated case, and admitted to hitting Long, demonstrating that "he used a closed fist and wound his upper body in a manner like a person would throw a baseball" and hit Long in the head, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Graham was arrested on Sept. 23 after banging on the windows of a business in Evanston and hitting the owner. During his arrest, he bit two officers and kicked another in the groin.

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