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Chicago Police Officer Areanah Preston murder: A timeline of the case

Chicago Police Officer Areanah Preston murder: A timeline of the case
Chicago Police Officer Areanah Preston murder: A timeline of the case 03:02

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago Police officer Areanah Preston, 24, was fatally shot in the line of duty during a robbery outside her home.

CPD Officer Areanah Preston

Here is a timeline of the case, according to prosecutors.

May 6, 2023 midnight:  The four charged suspects, Trevell Breeland, Joseph Brooks, Jakwon Buchanan and Jaylan Frazier, rob a 33-year old woman in the 900 block of East 46th Street. All four defendants were armed, prosecutors said, when they stole her designer wristlet and belt, along with credit cards and phone.

May 6, about 12:40 a.m.: The four defendants and two women continue driving in a Dodge Avenger to the 4700 block of South Indiana. While the women remained in the Dodge, the four suspects stole a Red Kia Forte. 

May 6, 1:07 a.m.: The four defendants, now driving the Kia, rob two women who were talking outside a home in the 10000 block of South Wallace. At least three of the armed suspects pushed the women to the ground and stole a purse and cell phone. 

May 6, 1:30 a.m.: A man had parked his Tesla in the 9100 block of South Merrill. Two of the defendants approached the man who was still in his car and took his car key and phone, which were later recovered.

May 6, 1:42 a.m.:  Officer Preston, who has just returned home in uniform after her shift, is fatally shot standing in front of her home in the 8100 block of South Blackstone. Video surveillance from the scene shows the suspects running towards Preston and "muzzle flashes" from at least two guns. After she was shot, one of the suspects ran back and took Preston's gun. That gun has not been recovered. Frazier told investigators that all four of them were armed.


CPD's ShotSpotter system recorded the gunfire at 1:42 a.m. However, police did not respond because of a backlog in the district. At 2:02 a.m., officers were dispatched after the 911 center received an alert from Preston's Apple Watch. 

Preston was shot in the face and neck and died at the University of Chicago Hospital. 

May 6, 1:46 a.m.: The suspects park the Kia in the 7200 block of South Eberhart in a vacant lot. (Later, one of the women who was in the white Dodge identified Brooks, Buchanan and Breeland from surveillance video. A family member identified Frazier. The Dodge is owned by Buchanan's girlfriend.)

May 6, 2:02 a.m.:  The Chicago Fire Department receives a call of a red Kia on fire at that location. Frazier says they used lighter fluid to set the fire. 

May 6 (Time not known): At the scene of the burned Kia, officers speak with Buchanan's girlfriend. The Avenger is towed and investigators execute a search warrant, finding credit cards from the first robbery.

Evening, May 6:  Frazier told a friend about the shooting of Preston and asked if he had seen any news about it. Frazier said they planned to rob Preston, but she fired her gun at them and one of the suspects shot back.  (Brooks later admitted he shot first as Preston reached for her gun.) That friend then contacts police. While meeting with detectives, the friend calls Frazier on puts him on speakerphone in front of detectives. Frazier provides details that had not been released.

May 7: Buchanan contacts a former girlfriend and tells her that he needs to lay low for a while and asks if he could stay at her house. Buchanan then orders an Uber for her to come meet him in the 7600 block of South Bishop. When the Uber picks them up, police, who were conducting surveillance, pulled over the Uber. Buchanan was armed with a Glock 19, the same weapon used in Preston's murder. He was also wearing a belt stolen from the first robbery victim.

Two other suspects were inside the residence and were alerted by Buchanan's yelling. A standoff at the residence ensued for several hours before Brooks and Breeland surrendered.

May 8: Frazier's mother learns police are looking for her son. Frazier speaks to his mom on Facetime and tells her of his involvement in the robberies and that he was present for the murder.

May 9: Frazier and his mother speak again and he tells her the suspects had sold Preston's gun.

May 10:  Charges are filed against the four. Prosecutors want them held without bond.


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