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Chicago Police detectives celebrate nearly-decade-long bond with boy who survived shooting

Chicago Police detectives honored for special bond for boy who survived shooting
Chicago Police detectives honored for special bond for boy who survived shooting 02:05

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Two Chicago Police detectives made a special bond with a West Side boy after he was shot and wounded, and nearly a decade later, they all had something to celebrate.

Tavon Tanner, 10 at the time, was playing on the porch outside his home when he was caught in gun crossfire. He was rushed to the hospital in bad shape.

It was a trip that led him to more than lifesaving care.

"Myself and Detective Munyon were at the hospital when Tavon came through the hospital doors, and we'll never forget that. The way he looked? It was very grave," said CPD Detective Kevin Lynn—not to be confused with the former CBS 2 sports anchor of the same name.

Detective Lynn and Detective Patrick Munyon met Tavon Tanner in the hospital.

"We were told we're going to get a 10-year-old coming in, very critical, with a gunshot wound," said Munyon.

That hospital meeting eight months ago grew into something much bigger.

"I treat Tavon like I treat my son," said Munyon.

Detectives Lynn and Munyon are beyond mentors and friends for Tanner.

"They're family," said Tanner. "They mean a lot to me."

Detectives Lynn and Munyon started a fundraising campaign in 2020 that would cover Tavon's tuition at St. Patrick High School.

"He was just a great kid," said Detective Lynn.

The detectives then took turns making sure he got to school safe. They also took him to get his driver's license, and made sure he had everything he needed to participate in sports.

"Got on me every day about school. made sure I finished, took me to where I am today, made sure I'm successful," said Tanner.

And while detectives Lynn and Munyon were both just awarded officer of the month awards on Thursday, the real win for them was seeing Tanner graduate from high school last month.

"At least for me, it was the best moment to see him walk across that stage, and the accomplishment he achieved," said Munyon.

Tanner's words Thursday were admittedly rare for a teenager, but they were said with a big smile.

"I love y'all," said Tanner. "Thank you all." 

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