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Chicago Officer Who Shot And Killed Michael Craig Was Requested To Be Fired Years Ago By Chicago Superintendent

CHICAGO (CBS) – Following body cam video of a Chicago officer Alberto Covarrubias shooting and killing Michael Craig who was being stabbed during a domestic dispute, his family is calling for his termination. More information about the officer shows that just three years ago, Chicago's Superintendent wanted him fired.

CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey spent the day digging into the officers troubled past.

It stemmed from a 2016 incident, but the officer wasn't fired as the superintendent requested, he was suspended instead.

Michael Craig's grieving family says that was a mistake.

911 recordings captured Michael Craig pleading for help, but instead of getting help from officers on the scene, 61-year-old Craig was shot and killed by Officer Alberto Covarrubias who had a gun and taser drawn within seconds of entering the apartment building in the 7700 block of South Carpenter Street on Oct. 4.

We can't show you the graphic autopsy photo which show Craig had already been stabbed by his wife several times before police arrived.

"My dad didn't deserve what happened. No human being deserves what happened," said Patrick Jenkins, victim's son.

Craig's son, Patrick Jenkins, said the family was disturbed by officer Covarrubias' actions after the shooting.

He pays plenty of attention to the woman, but does not render any aid to Craig after the shooting.

Jenkins says he shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Police Board records show that in 2018 Chicago's top cop asked for Covarrubias to be fired for threatening to assault a police officer and stealing police documents during a drunken domestic disturbance.

But Michael Oppenheimer, victim's attorney, says if officer Covarrubias had been taken off the street because they realized he was danger to the community — Michael Craig would be alive today.

"The Chicago police board by a vote of 9-0 voted to reinstate him into the Chicago Police Department. If officer Covarrubias had been taken off the street because they realized he was danger to the community and to the police department, and unfit to wear a badge and carry a weapon, Michael Craig would be alive today," Oppenheimer said.

Covarrubias was placed on 30-day administrative leave pending the investigation. Now Craig's family is asking that he be fired.

Covarrubias' 30-day leave has expired but remains on administrative leave, according to Chicago police.


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