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Chicago Lead Water Pipe Replacement Program Hasn't Started, But It's Already Being Expanded

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A total of 180,000 Chicago homes don't have water meters – which means their bills are guesstimates.

For more than two years now, we have been introducing you to dozens of homeowners who are Getting Hosed with big, bad water bills – and a City that doesn't seem to care.

To put in a meter, homeowners cannot have lead pipes delivering the water. Last year, the city promised to begin replacing those lead service lines for free.

Flash forward to now - it hasn't started.

Despite the fact that the Equity Lead Service Line Replacement program hasn't started, the city is already expanding it to include any single-family or two-flat homeowner, with kids under 18 at home and an income under $74,550.

But get this - once the program starts, it will only replace 600 service lines a year. A total of 180,000 customers need meters.

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