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Parking lot shootout over stolen car ends in crash in Chicago

Police investigating Chatham shooting and crash
Police investigating Chatham shooting and crash 02:18

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A wild shootout in Chicago's Chatham neighborhood started over a stolen car and ended with gunfire in a grocery store parking lot followed by a violent crash. 

It all started in the parking lot of the Jewel Osco in the 100 block of West 87th Street where police say the 31-year-old car owner spotted his Dodge Durango. 

That owner, who called police, was told not to pursue the vehicle. But he did anyway and came face-to-face with the people suspected of stealing his vehicle. His father-in-law said he and his family were frustrated with the lack of response from Chicago police.

"We went around. By the time we were going to get out, they saw us. And they start driving. And then the other guy in the back Started shooting at us."

He approached and the people inside opened fire. The car owner, who was also armed, returned fire. 

And then the men took off, later crashing into a nearby T-Mobile. That damage was significant. 

Police say the whole scene unfolded around 8:50 Sunday morning. The car owner somehow tracked down his Dodge Durango, which was reported stolen last week. Police say as he appraoched the vehicle, three or four males inside started shooting at him.

The car owner, who police say is a concealed carry license holder, returned fire, striking at least one of those men. 

The person behind the wheel attempted to get away but did not make it far before crashing into the T-Mobile store just yards away. 

At that point all the people in the vehicle attempted to flee on foot. A witness said some were teens. 

"I feel like to be honest the age has to be 14 to 13 years old. They were children, babies. They don't know what they're doing. They don't, like they are very, they were that young," the witness said. 

Among the injured, police say, was a 23-year-old who sustained gunshot wounds to the neck and shoulder. He was listed in critical condition Sunday evening. 

A teenager in the vehicle suffered injuries in the crash and was also hospitalized but was in good condition. 

Two other people in the car managed to flee on foot. His whereabouts remain unknown as police continue to investigate the incident. 

The Dodge Durango was totaled in the crash. 

No other injuries were reported.

Three weapons were recovered. 

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