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Chicago Immigrant Laborers Denounce Raid

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A group of immigrant day laborers gathered in a park on the Northwest Side this morning, calling for an end to immigration raids.

Immigrant Laborers Denounce Raid

The laborers meet in Gompers Park, at Pulaski and Foster each morning, trying to get hired for construction jobs.

On a recent day, activist Eric Rodriguez says Chicago Police and immigration raided the park and hauled off seven workers. One was freed and the other six are being deported.

"What we're afraid of is that it's a new attitude that the city is having," said Rodriguez.

He says this doesn't even happen in Arizona. William Davis is one of the laborers.

"It's only one guy that's here and the rest of them are scared to come back because they are afraid that immigration is going to come over here and grab them again," said Davis.

Adolfo Quinonez is the one who got away because he knew his rights and asked for a lawyer.

"And then suddenly they just stared handcuffing us with our wrists and also our ankles" said Quinonez, as translated by Eric Rodriguez. "I totally thought that it was going to be different after the elections and what Obama was saying."

The workers say they just want to provide for their families.

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