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Driver in deadly DUI crash in suburban Chicago accused of going nearly 100 mph over speed limit

Man charged in deadly Glenview crash appears in court
Man charged in deadly Glenview crash appears in court 02:34

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Seventeen-year-old Marko Niketic was killed when a Mustang struck the car he was driving. Prosecutors say the driver who caused the crash was speeding so fast that the speedometer recovered from the scene was stuck at 120 mph. 

On Saturday, the driver learned that he will stay in jail until his next hearing. In court, state's attorneys said that the 21-year-old accused of causing the deadly crash had his dashcam rolling as his Ford Mustang reached speeds up to 131 mph. The judge characterized it as a choice to weaponize a vehicle. 

In the courtroom, one set of parents watched their son face a list of charges as the other clutched a photo of the son they lost. 

On the night of May 12, Niketic was making a left turn onto Lake Avenue in Glenview when the Mustang slammed into his car. Niketic was killed. His 16-year-old girlfriend was critically hurt. A passenger in the Mustang was injured as well. 

State's attorneys say Taeyoung Kim, 21, was behind the wheel of the Mustang. He is accused of aggravated DUI, reckless homicide, and more. 

Kim is accused of driving nearly 100 mph over the speed limit on Lake Avenue, where the crash happened. 

Kim's parents briefly spoke through their attorney. 

"They feel horrible about this incident. They're sick. They're shell-shocked," the attorney said. 

They had just seen their son in court, in a wheelchair and vomiting multiple times during the hearing. 

State's attorneys say Kim's dashcam recorded him speeding, running a red light, passing cars, and driving without headlights before the crash. 

Attorneys say a black box recovered from the Mustang revealed the car was going 122 mph at impact. 

"He just wants to share sincere apologies and just condolences to all the victims' families. They feel very sick about this," Kim's attorney said. 

The judge decided to detain Kim, calling his actions behind the wheel "brazen disregard for human life and safety." 

Niketic's parents left the courthouse without making a statement. 

Kim is due in court again on May 24 in Skokie. 

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