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Case Of 2012 Chicago Fatal Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man Could Be Reopened

An old police-involved shooting case is getting a new look from investigators.

A spokesperson for the Independent Police Review Authority tells CBS2's Dana Kozlov it'll review the 2012 shooting of Jamaal Moore by a Chicago police officer after a community activist demanded another look.

Dashcam video of the incident shows the last seconds of Moore's life. Chicago police officer Ruth Castelli shot the 23-year-old in the back after he fought with another officer.

But today, Activist William Calloway says it should've never happened. "I never ever saw Jamaal pose a threat to that Chicago police officer, where she had to use deadly lethal force ."

Calloway obtained the dashcam video after filing a Freedom of Information request earlier this year. After he saw it, he asked the Independent Police Review Authority to reopen the case.

"He was unarmed and he was running away," Calloway said.

But that's not how police described it back in 2012. They said officers chased Moore's SUV, believing it had been used in a robbery. Moore crashed and ran, before the police car hit him. There was a struggle, but police claimed they saw a gun and Castelli fired. It turns out, however, Moore did not have a weapon.

Dion Bush, who was nearby that day, says responding officers acted quickly.

"They tried to grab my phone, because I guess they thought I was videoing or whatever, but I wasn't."

IPRA, who initially ruled the shooting justifiable, says it'll review Moore's case to see if it should be reopened. If it should and findings warrant, the officer involved could be disciplined.

"With the investigation possibly being reopened, it gives me great satisfaction to know that someone out there is concerned and they're searching for the truth just as much as I am ," said Gwendolyn Moore, Jamaal's mother. She has since sued the city and settled for more than $1 million.

Meanwhile, Officer Castelli has been on active duty since the 2012 shooting.

When asked how officers should've responded considering Moore fought with police, Calloway said non-lethal means of restraint should've been used.

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