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Bolingbrook, Naperville join other UAW auto workers on strike

Bolingbrook, Naperville UAW workers join the picket line
Bolingbrook, Naperville UAW workers join the picket line 01:50

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Employees at two Chicago area GM and Stellantis plants continue their strike against the big three automakers.

The Bolingbrook and Naperville United Auto Workers joined thousands of UAW members across the country Friday.

CBS 2's Shardaa Gray reports from Naperville with their demands.

Local auto workers join other UAW members on strike 02:08

The auto workers said they're not asking for anything that isn't out of line. They want their pension back, as well as tiered wages and to bring back the cost of living allowances that they used to have.

Bolingbrook and Naperville workers said they have been out here the past four days on the picket lines.

They said they're prepared to stand in solidarity for as long as it takes.

More than 18,000 thousand auto workers are now on strike at Ford, GM, and Stellantis plants around the country.

About 100 workers at the GM distribution warehouse in Bolingbrook walked off the job Friday, including another 100 employees at the Stellantis facility in Naperville, as the United Auto Workers expanded their strike to 38 GM, Stellantis parts and distribution centers.

Workers said they're fighting corporate greed, going on to say they're not just doing this for themselves, but for all blue-collar workers.

"We've only gotten two 6% wage increases in the last eight years. So our wages are 21% behind when you look at inflation. And the company has a 20% offer on the table right now," said worker Steve Gregor.

The strike has become part of the political stage. On Monday, Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin joined auto workers in Bolingbrook on the picket line.

President Biden is expected to join the picket line in Detroit on Tuesday and former president Donald Trump is expected to be in Michigan Wednesday.

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