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Body Camera Video Shows Shootout With University Of Chicago Police Officer That Left Man Critically Wounded In Hyde Park

CHICAGO (CBS) -- University of Chicago Police have released video footage of a shootout between an officer and a gunman who had been running down the street in Hyde Park, holding a gun.

A UCPD officer shot and critically wounded a man in his 20s during a shootout late Tuesday morning near the intersection of 53rd Street and Woodlawn Avenue, a few blocks north of the university campus.

The University has said the officer was on patrol around 11:40 a.m. Tuesday, heading north on Woodlawn Avenue, when he saw a man running south on Woodlawn near 53rd Street, holding a handgun.

Officials said the officer stopped his patrol car just south of 53rd Street, and the gunman started shooting, prompting the officer to take cover, tell the man to get on the ground, and then return fire.

Body camera footage released on Wednesday shows the officer standing on the stoop of a residential building on Woodlawn Avenue, shouting at the gunman to "get on the ground."

A few seconds later, a series of gunshots can be heard, although it's unclear from the video who is firing each shot, the officer or the gunman.

At one point, the man is seen walking in the street and can be seen staggering as more gunshots ring out.

The officer then walks down the steps and takes cover behind a parked minivan, repeatedly telling the man to "get on the ground."

The officer appears to fire at least four more shots from behind the minivan, and requesting help over his radio, before seeing the gunman lying on the ground in the parkway across the street.

"He's on the ground. He's hit at least two times. Officer-involved shooting," the officer states before the video ends.

UCPD also released video footage from two cameras at the nearby Kimbark Plaza Shopping Center. One shows the gunman walking down the sidewalk, holding a pistol. The other shows the shootout from down the block.

Cell phone video posted on social media on Tuesday showed the gunman falling to the ground in the street, before getting back up, and collapsing again on the nearby parkway.

The gunman, who was in his 20s, was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition. The gunman is not affiliated with the university, according to a university spokesman.

No other injuries were reported.

The UCPD officer who shot the gunman will be placed on mandatory administrative leave while the shooting is under investigation by the Chicago Police Department and the university.

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