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Biggs: Bears Will Provide Emery With Resources He Needs

(WSCR) Building a football team takes time.

A new general manager has to be given ample time and resources to draft and develop his own players -- and that's exactly what the Bears are going to do with new GM Phil Emery.

"This guy is the GM," Brad Biggs of the National Football Post and Chicago Tribune told The Mully and Hanley Show. "He's in charge. He's got a five-year contract. He's not going anywhere anytime soon. He's going to have an opportunity to lay out his vision and to make this plan work. (The Bears) said it was the depth of Phil Emery's plan that really sold them and kind of made him the candidate that rose to the top in the process."

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While some have speculated Emery's inability to fire Lovie Smith is an indication that he won't have full power as GM during his time in Chicago, Biggs doesn't believe that is the case.

"He's got full control of the (roster,)" he said. "If the guy wants to get rid of the coach after this year, he can get rid of the coach after this year. Listening to him talk, it sounds like they're going to add multiple scouts to the operation. Right there, you know that he's got the McCaskeys to loosen up the wallet and spend some money in that regard. George McCaskey said that if Phil can explain to Ted (Phillips) why he needs more staff or something facilities-wise, then ownership is going to provide the capital to make that happen."

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