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Best Of Spring Break Fashion

By Lauren Wulf

Warmth is in the air. Though Spring is always a hit or miss season with 60 degrees one day and snow the next, spring vacation offers a guaranteed week of sunshine. Just like the first day of school, spring vacation outfits are planned weeks in advance. From new suits to sandals, here are a few trends to get you started this vacation season. Each piece featured below is priced under $50. Happy sunning!

Victoria's Secret


Price: $24-$26 Top / $18-$20 Bottom

Swimwear gets mixed and matched! Animal prints, bright colors and bold patterns are on trend this season. Mixing solid pieces and patterns also maximizes your options. The same bottom for example, can be mixed with various tops to create different looks while also saving your suitcase room.

Price: $16.80

As they say with fashion, what's old is always new again. The espadrille was sported on beaches everywhere from the 1940's to 1970's. Shoes this spring are all about the espadrille. From wedges to flats, you can find an espadrille in every style and color.

Old Navy

Price: $19-$34

This year, everything from head to toe is bright and bold. One major trend every retailer will be offering is solid colored jeans. Mixing bright blue, pink or green pants with a white tank top, jazzes up the usual jeans look. Switching out flip-flops for wedges and some jewelry is an easy way to go from day to night. Don't be intimidated to wear bright colors! Pairing them with neutrals makes this trend easy to pull off.

Price: $12.80

With hats this season, bigger is most certainly better. Wide brimmed, floppy hats are both trendy and useful. Not only do they keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your skin, they also add a touch of glamour to the poolside.



Price: $40

Let your color flag fly this spring break. Don't be weary of trying new colors. Bright pink, yellow and blue are just a few of the hues on shelves this spring. From jeans to footwear, there's always a way to add a pop of color while staying in your comfort zone.

Old Navy

Price: $22.94

When it comes to swimwear, men are no exception to the pattern and color trends. Board shorts are shown in a variety of bright colors this spring. From purple and pink to blue and green, embrace the colors of spring.

Price: $19.00

The plain old fedora was so last season. This year, straw hats and fedoras are given new colors and patterns. Aside from blocking the sun, hats can help keep your head cool and give your tired baseball cap a much-needed break.

Lauren Wulf, CBS Chicago

Lauren Wulf writes about living in Chicago on a budget on her website, A Poor Girl's Guide Chicago.

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