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Aurora Officials Update On Fundraising Efforts, Officers After Workplace Shooting

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Aurora officials provided updates Tuesday on the police officers who rushed into danger during Friday's workplace shooting as well as the fundraising efforts for the victims.

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said one of the wounded officers remains in the hospital, four days after the incident.

She said within the first four minutes, the five officers were shot and they continued to go in.

"One of them who had a serious injury said, 'Don't take me out I want to keep going back in,'" Ziman said. "That was the mentality we had, the resiliency that we had, the relentlessness we had on that scene."

During the news conference Tuesday, police were asked whether they had known state police had revoked the gunman's FOID card.

"We've conducted an audit of our records," said Sgt. Bill Rowley. "We can confirm that we have not been able to find any receipt that we received from the Illinois State Police that dates back to 2014. Keep in mind revocation or notice of revocation of a FOID card is not sufficient to search someone or search their home."

Officials said more than $100,000 has been raised so far for families of the victims.

Fundraisers will continue this week. The first funeral, for 21-year-old Trevor Wehner, will be held Wednesday.

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