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Chicago's Stoplight Pole Problems Plague Drivers, Pedestrians

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A danger lurking high above a busy intersection on Chicago's northwest side.

CBS 2 found this traffic light pole leaning over at Addison and Pulaski.

CBS 2's Vince Gerasole has more.

Within an hour of calls from CBS 2, city crews came out to repair the damage.

The city insists no one tried to report the problem before CBS 2.

With a heavy stoplight and pole leaning against it, they're saying oh thank heaven for the 7-11 and Quality Auto Repair signs.

It's the rather busy corner of Addison and Pulaski with vehicles and pedestrians continually passing beneath.

The visibly rusty pole sits atop a crumbling concrete base just inches away from traffic.

"Obviously the city of Chicago needs to step up and take a look at the infrastructure around here," said neighborhood resident Adam Schieve.

For several years, the 2 Investigatiors have been documenting a similar problem with Chicago's faulty light poles.

In 2016, a teen suffered a broken leg, and a 13-year-old's spine was fractured in 2007.

Both, walking from school, had faulty poles fall on them.

In January,  2 Investigators documented 10,000 complaints to 311 for fallen or leaning poles since 2015.

"It's very hard to turn a big truck over here," said Joel Icho who said he's witnessed trucks often hitting the stoplight on Addison and driving off.

The pole was repainted and re-bolted into newer concrete.

Neighborhood residents said they've noticed trucks hitting the pole all the time.

When asked if they reported the problem to the city, most said no.

If the problem is not reported to the city, it can't be repaired.

And if any damages are caused, according to the city's law department, the city is not liable.


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