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15-Year-Old Girl Shot To Death In Gary

(CBS) -- The murder of a high school track star in Gary, Ind. is puzzling to police. There is no suspect, no motive and no leads.

Now, investigators hope you can help find her killer, CBS 2's Jim Williams.

The young victim, 15-year-old Daja Brookshire, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, not far from Gary Police Headquarters.

At her apartment complex, Daja was remembered for the way she carried herself off the athletic field.

Latanya Means recalls kind words from the teen.

"She would always say you look so pretty, you look so nice. She was always speaking to everybody," she says.

Sunday night, Daja was in a car with two others. They looked back and saw something troubling, according to Sgt. Tom Decanter.

"They noticed a vehicle following them. When they got to the area of 7th and Adams, they heard several shots fired," he says.

Daja was hit. The driver rushed her to a hospital, where she died.

"It's really sad. We have this 15-year-old girl, a true, real victim," says Decanter. "We've got to get it taken care of."

Sources say no one in the car Daja was in had any gang affiliation and that perhaps the shooter saw an unfamiliar vehicle and thought it might be a rival gang before firing.

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