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Zinno's 6-4-3: MLB Round-Up

One month in the books. Not too many surprises at the top of the standings, but a lot can change. Here are the Top 6, 4 stats and bottom 3. Enjoy!

Detroit Tigers (19-11)
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Top 6 -
1. Red Sox - Lost three in a row and Buchholz is being suspected of cheating. Still all is well with the best team in the league.
2. Rangers - Given up the fewest runs in the league and the pitching staff isn't even 100% yet. And they can still hit.
3. Cardinals - It took them a little while, but six wins in a row have shot them to the top of the NL Central.
4. Giants - They look like they are ready to make that push to separate themselves from the rest of their division.
5. Tigers - won nine of their last 10, granted they just pasted the Astros, but still, they are trending upward.
6. Orioles - finished their longest road trip of the year 7-4 and haven't lost a game when leading after 7 innings in since Obama's first term! 107 in a row!

4 stats -
1. Manny Machado has a WAR of 2.0. That's higher than former MVPs Miguel Cabrera, Joe Mauer and Dustin Pedroia ... also higher than perennial All-Stars like Robinson Cano, Evan Longoria and Prince Fielder.
2. Roy Halladay has given up 33 earned runs this season in seven starts. In 2011, he gave up 61 earned runs in 32 starts.
3. If you're going to Camden Yards hoping for a home run ball souvenir, make sure you are in your seats when the Orioles are up at bat because the Royals, who are in town for a 3-game set, have hit a league low 16 home runs. Chris Davis has nine home runs on the year.
4. Lowest batting average against in baseball - .231 by the Indians, Rangers and Cubs. Highest? .302 by the Astros. Explains a lot.

Bottom 4 -
1. Astros - See stat #4. It's going to get worse. There will be much bitching and complaining down the stretch about who gets easy wins against them in a playoff push.
2. Miami - They just beat the hell out of Roy Halladay. But then again, so has everyone else this year.
3. Cubs - A new scoreboard should make the limited highlights easier to see!
4. Blue Jays - Money can't buy everything. Neither can trading for half of the Marlins.


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