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Zinno's 6-4-3: MLB Round-Up

The All-Star Game has come and gone and now we start the run for the post-season. Certain teams are coming out hot, others are not! Here we go!

Top 6 -
1. Red Sox - the first team to 60 wins. Legit starting pitching. Pop up-and-down the line-up. See them in October we will.
2. Rays - maybe the feasted on some poor teams at the end of the first half, but they are still winning.
3. Cardinals - everyone in the NL is playing catch-up to them. My guess is that they will start to distance themselves from the competition.
4. Pirates - will they fade like in years past? Will that pitching hold up? Can the line-up score enough runs. Lots of questions for an unproven team.
5. Orioles - fresh off a sweep of the Rangers, they look like they have found their ace in Chris Tillman.
6. Athletics - they join the Orioles as a team that is just getting it done when no one thought they could.

4 stats -
1. Matt Harvey has eight starts with at least 10 K's or more ... he has only made 30 career starts.
2. Since being called up last year, Chris Tillman has made 35 starts. He is 21-6 with a 3.46 ERA and threw 205.2 innings. Sounds like Cy Young stats to me.
3. Never mind the fact that the Cardinals have three players in the top four in batting average in the NL, as a team, they have struck our the second fewest times in the league (KC has the fewest) with 635. The Astros have the most with 900 K's this season.
4. 14 players have struck out 100 times already this season. 11 of them have a WAR of 2.0 or less. The 4 who don't are Carlos Gonzalez (4.8), Chris Davis (4.6), Colby Rasmus (3.2) and Jay Bruce (2.6).

Bottom 3 -
1. Astros - They won't be the worst team in baseball history, but they certainly will be one of them.
2. Marlins - They already can't score. Should they trade Giancarlo Stanton, they will score even less.
3. White Sox - The only players playing week for them are about to be traded within the next nine days.


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