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Zika Cases on Rise Concern Md. Travelers

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Florida's governor says there is now a second area of local Zika transmission in Florida.

This one is in Miami Beach - outside the original designated "Zika Zone."

Despite weeks of spraying insecticide in the Miami area, the Zika virus is rapidly spreading in South Florida. Florida's Governor Rick Scott says "five individuals have already been confirmed as cases of local transmissions of Zika."

With local mosquitoes transmitting the virus, it's a new concern for Miami Beach which sees nearly 80-million tourists a year.

Florida surgeon general Dr. Celeste Philip cautions the public. "Please use repellent and skin on your clothing when outdoors, this is important for all men and women in our state."

The Zika virus can cause severe birth defects. Pregnant women and their partners are urged to postpone travel to the Miami-Dade County area. CDC Director Tom Friedan says sea breezes and high rises will create a struggle for a plan of attack. "You also have high level of winds which may blow some of products applied."

Officials say of the new Zika cases, all 5 people were visiting Miami Beach and 3 were from out of state.

Deatra Brown and her family recently traveled through Florida. "It's something we need to get a handle on so we can try and prevent it from going across america," she says. The single mother has concerns about the virus spreading.

"Will we carry it back to our home states we live at? Do we have to have any type of additional vaccinations?" she asks.

In Maryland, there's already been more than 50 cases. Baltimore City Health Commissioner Lena Wen says "all of these cases so far are individuals who traveled to other areas and then returned."

While the mosquito that could carry Zika is present in Baltimore City, Dr. Wen says, "it's very important for every resident to watch for standing water in their backyard, always cover up trash cans to make sure we do what we can because this is an all hands-on effort."

At last check, there are 64 travel-associated cases of the Zika virus reported in Maryland.

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