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Young Moose Settles With Baltimore City For $300K Over Wrongful Arrest

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Baltimore City Board of Estimates on Wednesday OK'd a $300,000 settlement with rapper Kevron "Young Moose" Evans to squash a lawsuit over claims of misconduct against former Det. Daniel Hersl and nine other members of the city police department's disgraced Gun Trace Task Force.

Evans filed a lawsuit against members of the GTTF, Mayor Brandon Scott and the Baltimore City Council in March 2021, alleging that he was wrongfully arrested in October 2012 and that Hersl later fabricated information to get warrants accusing him of violating his probation. The suit sought $1.5 million in damages.

The five-member panel unanimously approved the deal, which was recommended by the city's law department, at its meeting Wednesday morning. Board members came to an agreement after about 10 minutes of discussion, much of it focused on whether taxpayers should foot the bill to protect Hersl from lawsuits.

Deputy City Solicitor Ebony Thompson noted that the law department sought a blanket settlement with Evans to minimize ongoing costs for Hersl's defense and that the monetary amount was under Maryland's statutory cap of $400,000.

"Because this a breakout case, defense counsel continues to accrue legal fees each month related to the ongoing defense of this matter," Thompson said. "Given the time and expense in getting this matter through trial, the potential exposure for plaintiff's verdict and the continued accrual of defense fees, a settlement of $300,000 would be an outstanding outcome for the city of Baltimore."

Evans' lawsuit stems from his Oct. 20, 2012, arrest as he left a bar near the corner of North Avenue and North Collington Avenue. He contended that Hersl planted crack cocaine on him, which resulted in a drug possession charge to which he later pleaded guilty. The lawsuit went on to accuse police of fabricating evidence to arrest him for violating the terms of his probation.

Hersl was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison after he was convicted in 2018 of charges related to the Gun Trace Task Force, a since-disbanded Baltimore Police unit that engaged in theft and planting drugs and weapons. He's currently serving time in Missouri.

All of the charges against Evans were dropped in 2020 after the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office moved to vacate them.

The GTTF scandal has cost Baltimore City taxpayers more than $13 million in settlements. Hundreds of cases were also thrown out as a result of its members' involvement.

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