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Woman Arrested In National Cathedral Vandalism Appears To Be Linked To Others

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- A 58-year-old woman was charged with at least one case of green paint vandalism in Washington DC, where paint has been splashed on the Lincoln Memorial and at the National Cathedral.

Pat Warren reports she was carrying a soda can of green paint when she was arrested.

Fifty-eight-year-old Jiamei Tian was escorted in handcuffs by police who believe she is responsible for splattering green paint in two chapels in the National Cathedral and think she's connected to the vandalism at the Lincoln Memorial.

A green paint graffiti has also been painted on the Joseph Henry statue at the Smithsonian Institution, damage disturbing to the visitors.

"I saw when we got dropped off that it had actually hit that monument too," said Patsy Graff.

"I think it's sad, just to damage beautiful property," said Preema Nelli.

The paint in the Cathedral chapels was still went when it was discovered.

"It really was cosmetic, minimal damage, thankfully, but it was still heartbreaking," said Richard Weinberg.

Tian is charged with defacing property and is being held without bail. Police have no motive for the damage. Police say Tian is traveling on an expired visa and has no fixed address. She appeared in court with a Mandarin translator.

Cleanup and restoration at the Cathedral is expected to cost $15,000. The removal of the paint on the Joseph Henry statue could take place Tuesday.

Tian is due back in court Friday.

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