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WJZ Personalities In The Movies & TV

Did you know that you can see some of your favorite WJZ personalities in movies and on TV episodes?

Jessica Kartalija

She was in the original "Transformers" movie.  She played a TV reporter.  She's even featured in the movie's trailer!  "Playing a reporter in `Transformers' was one of the most fun and interesting experiences of my life," Kartalija said.  "I still remember my line: `It sounded like several sonic booms!!'"

Kai Jackson

He plays a reporter in the Harrison Ford movie "Random Hearts."  "It was an exciting experience and I was honored that the station gave me the opportunity when the filmmakers needed a reporter for the film. I quickly learned why the expression 'hurry up and wait' is used in filmmaking.  After waiting in a trailer for most of the day we were called into action for a night time filming scene. What I remember most about the scene is working with the late Academy Award winning director Sydney Pollack," Jackson said.  "This kind and gentle man who directed such cinema classics as 'The Firm,' 'Out of Africa' and 'Tootsie' was now giving screen direction to me and several other news crews on the scene. The scene ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor but the experience is etched into my memory. I'll never forget having the honor of working briefly with one of my favorite filmmakers who was among the greatest at his craft."

Don Scott

He also plays a reporter in "Random Hearts."  There's a montage of television coverage of the plane crash and you can see Don.  "I never met Harrison Ford, but the film crew said since he did 30 takes of my scene; he must have really known me!"  Scott was also featured in the trailer and is still getting residuals from the movie.  "I made $3.47 last quarter."

Tim Williams

He was in an episode of "The West Wing" called "The Leadership Breakfast."  He played a reporter named Greg.  "I had a lot of fun," Williams said.  "The set was very, very cold and the food was good.  It's much easier to ask a question off the top of your head than it is to memorize one."

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