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WJZ's Nicole Baker Hopes Breast Reduction Surgery Will Give Her A Better Quality Of Life

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- On Thursday, WJZ's Nicole Baker will be having a procedure that will keep her off the air for a few weeks.

It's something she wanted to share because every night WJZ viewers invite her into their homes.

Nicole is going to have breast reduction surgery. She has struggled with daily backaches, headaches and neck pain for years, and it's why she uses a lumbar pillow at the anchor desk every night.

Nicole said she realized this surgery could really help her, and she wanted to share this to help other women who are dealing with the same issues.

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It has been about six years since she first considered the surgery. After doing research, she said all of her doctors agreed that a reduction mammoplasty is medically necessary.

Nicole spoke with Dr. Michael Cohen who explained how this surgery will help her.

"I once read an analogy for every pound of weight on your chest, it's like 18 pounds of weight on your back. So slim, athletic women that have large breasts can also develop bra strap grooving, indentations, dark spots that stain their skin. Besides chronic back discomfort, it's just an annoyance," Cohen said.

Nicole: What do you say to people who think a surgery like this one, specifically a breast reduction, is overly dramatic or maybe in the line of being vain?"

Dr. Cohen: "I try to dispel that thought, that concept all the time, because people should do what they want for themselves if it's safe, if it's reasonable and if it's gonna improve their quality of life. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be to have heavy breasts."

Dr. Cohen is a breast specialist, which is something to look for when considering a surgeon. The American Board of Plastic Surgery reports that doctors perform around 90,000 reductions each year.

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