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Students learn about weather and wildlife at the Maryland Zoo

Students learn about weather and wildlife at the Maryland Zoo
Students learn about weather and wildlife at the Maryland Zoo 03:02

BALTIMORE — Maryland Zoo welcomes thousands of students every year, but Wednesday their visit was extra special and a little WILD. 

WJZ's entire team of First Alert Meteorologists tapped into their "wild side" as they taught hundreds of students about how the weather/climate change can impact wildlife right here in Maryland and across the world. 

Wednesday afternoon, Vera, Vivienne, Grace, and Josie went on a little adventure.

"I think it's fun because you can see stuff that you haven't seen before," Vera and Vivienne told WJZ. 

 "We got to see the giraffes and elephants. And the flamingo. And then that little machine — we tried not to scream when it blows air," Grace and Josie explained with laughter. 

 "You get to see cool animals that you've never seen before and you get no homework," said Vivienne and Vera.  

Vera and Vivienne are visiting the zo with their classmates and hundreds of other students from across the Baltimore region to learn the science behind the animals and their exhibits.

"They learn a little bit about their role as stewards of our planet," said Mike Evitts, director of communications at the Maryland Zoo. 

Mike Evitts works at the Maryland Zoo and told WJZ a ton of lessons can happen outside of the classroom, and it gets kids excited about learning about the world around them. 

"That's the entry point right— that excitement we want to channel that and help them learn more about the species, about the threats they face in the wild and about how we care for them here at an accredited facility," said Evitts.

WJZ's First Alert Meteorologist stepped outside of the weather center and got up- close and personal with the animals to help teach meteorology and other sciences in a new way. 

Marty Bass 'battled' with the bears and gave a lesson about their exhibit alongside experts at the zoo.

"Anytime you compare our experts and station experts to break down a really complicated subject like meteorology, like climate change or like animal biology—- that's a really important lesson for these young kids and it's gonna shape who they develop as they grow," said Evitts.

WJZ's Steve Sosna paraded with the penguins alongside Derek Beasley.

"We're talking about what's happening here in Maryland, not just at the North Pole, but if we can explain to the kids how these changes are happening here, they're more likely to understand how all these various changes are happening all around the world," explained WJZ's First Alert Meteorologist Steve Sosna.

WJZ's Meg McNamara and Tim Williams also took a 'trip' to Africa to visit elephants and an okapi. 

"There's so many different stories to tell," Evitts told WJZ. "And there's so many interesting elements to draw out of the meteorology of biology that you know, we could do this every year for infinity and still have more to say." 

Watch out for WJZ's School at the Zoo special for an even closer look at all the fun.  

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