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WJZ Exclusive: Group Caught On Camera Assaulting Man Outside Windsor Inn

WINDSOR MILL, Md. (WJZ)—Baltimore County Police are looking for a group of people involved in a beating in Windsor Mill. Police got a new lead in the case. A WJZ viewer sent us video of the attack and we shared it with investigators.

Adam May warns the video is tough to watch.

The video shows a man on the ground and at least four others punching and kicking him repeatedly. One woman even hits him with a hammer-like object.

It happened early Saturday morning at the Windsor Inn-- a popular Baltimore County restaurant and nightclub.

A concerned WJZ viewer sent us the video. We passed it on to police who are actively trying to identify the suspects.

"Stop. He's knocked out right now," one witness can be heard saying in the video.

Police say three people were actually victims in the attack: two males and a female.

Two of them drove themselves to a hospital seeking treatment.

At one point in the video two other suspects search the man's pockets, removing something as witnesses laugh.

One of the male victims-- about 30 years old-- tells police the incident started when someone assaulted his female friend.

"Wake up, yo. Wake up, yo," a witness is heard saying in the video.

The victim was in and out of consciousness, lying in the middle of street for more than a minute as cars drove by. Police are now using this video to identify the suspects.

Police are also trying to identify the third victim. They're urging him to call 911.

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