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WJZ EXCLUSIVE: A Nun Murdered; Allegations Of Police Sex Abuse

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- There are shocking new allegations from a woman who told only WJZ she was sexually abused by a Baltimore County police officer and a priest when she was just 11 years old.

WJZ is protecting the identity of the woman who is being called Abby.

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She is still terrified of police decades after horrific abuse by one powerful officer, who picked her up and raped her repeatedly for years.

Once Abby said he forced her to have sex with other officers and a catholic priest.

"He actually raped me with a cross," she says.

"He" was Father Neil Magnus. Once he was finished, Abby said the Baltimore County police officer raped her next, then one by one other officers took turns.

Father Magnus worked at Archbishop Keough High School, which was at the center of a sex ring involving the abuse of young girls.

"They said they had to perform an exorcism to make me right," she says.

For the very first time, the victim named one of the officers who raped her. WJZ learned the officer rose through the ranks of Baltimore County police to become a captain.

WJZ isn't revealing his name because he was never charged.

"I thought to myself, 'man, I'm going to report officers?' I guess you just have to feel that desperate in your life to understand why I would let it happen," Abby says.

Abby is just one of the women who have told WJZ they were raped by priests and police officers. Many of the women confided in a young, popular nun Sister Cathy Cesnik.

But just before she was about to expose the abuse she vanished.

Months later, Sister Cathy's body was found in a ditch in Lansdowne.

The officer Abby named who raped her and other girls was one of the first to respond to the murder scene.

County police say they reached out to Abby but she refused to talk to them.

In a statement, Baltimore County Police say:

"In the nearly half-century since this murder, no one has come forward to BCoPD to initiate an investigation of wrongdoing by police officers."

At the time, Abby was a homeless 11 year old who thought no one would believe her. She is still afraid of the police and she's always kept track of the officer who stole her innocence.

"I know exactly when he died. I know the day he died and all," she says. "I don't worry about him no more."

But she worries some of the others are still out there.

Baltimore County Police say they want abuse victims to come forward and are still investigating the murder of Sister Cathy.

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