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With Tuesday Opening Of Horseshoe Casino Comes Traffic Concerns

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The anticipation is high as we're just two days away from the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore opening.

Marcus Washington explains that anticipation is met with concern from drivers.

In just two days, the doors of the Horseshoe Casino will open.

"The first night we're expecting a large crowd. People will have to be expecting that as they drive to the casino--if they drive to the casino," said Frank Murphy, Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

The casino is expected to bring millions of dollars into the city, but commuters say they will certainly have to pay the price.

"I've hated this traffic and I don't like the casino," one driver said.

Others are a little more optimistic.

"On a game day after the initial opening wears off it will be fine," said another driver.

To help with traffic flow, the Horseshoe Casino paid to have two turning lanes on Russell Street put in. Officers with the Department of Transportation are expected to be on hand to help direct traffic for the first four months.

"We'll also have variable message boards set up so that if there is congestion we can suggest alternative routes for people to take as they're on their way into the area," said William Johnson, Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

But getting to the casino could be a bit of a hassle. Commuters are advised to park downtown and then take the Charm City Circulator to get dropped off at the door.

"We've created a brand new, temporary Charm City Circulator route that will go across Lombard and Pratt streets, where people who park downtown can pick it up and it will shuttle you right to the casino," said Murphy.

Casino visitors should take the Orange Line for those shuttles. It will run until midnight Wednesday through Monday and on Tuesdays until 2 a.m.

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