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Winter Storm Expected To Be 'Coast Hugger,' But I-95 Corridor Will See Snow

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- If legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer were creating this blog he would intone, "Welcome to the main event! LET'S get ready to RUMMMMBLE!" At this point, we can give you a timeline and totals for snowfall over the next 36 hours.

Now do understand this storm is still showing its "hand." But enough cards are face up that the personality of this weather event is apparent: it is mostly going to be a "coast hugger."

If there are any variables at this time, it might be the storm pushing offshore a bit more which would lower snow totals on the Western Shore some.

Right now we are thinking 1-2" out the I-70 corridor. 2-3 along I-95. Just across the Bay 3-4", further over the Eastern Shore 4-6", and along the DelMarVa 6-8+ inches.

Remember wind will be a player along with temperatures well below average Saturday afternoon, night, and through Sunday.

Now here comes a stupid question, "Are you ready for some good news?" How about this, as we move through next week we will go from near 40° on Monday to near 60° on Thursday. Mon-40°, Tuess-46°, Wed-51°, Thurs-57°.

On that very happy note, I will say, "Good Evening." Stay safe, and stay tuned for updates through all of tomorrow.

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