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Will The Ravens Can Or Keep Players Like Pitta And Juszczyk?

Tony Lombardi of the Russell Street Report joined Norris and Long to discuss what the Baltimore Ravens may be looking to do in the off season.

The Ravens will look to add some more playmakers to the roster after going 8-8 last season. Lombardi says, "I think the direction this off to surround Joe Flacco the kind of talent he needs to play to the level of his pay. I think that starts with the offensive line. To me, the number one priority is to keep Rick Wagner around."

With quite a few holes in the team, Ed Norris asks if players like Dennis Pitta and Kyle Juszczyk are in danger of not being here next year because of the salary cap.

"I think they are. Pitta took a pay cut in order to play and prove he could do it, but he's a guy that's on the bubble now...and Kyle Juszczyk plays a position that not all 32 teams even have in the NFL. I do like what he brings to the table, he's like a jack of all trades and you like to have that kind of guy around, but I think because that position is limited and it's a dying breed, I don't think his demand price would be all that much so I would except them to keep him around," says Lombardi.

The guys also talk about the changes to the coaching staff, Zach Orr's retirement and more.

Tune in to hear the full interview below:

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