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Gas prices in Maryland are going up. Here's why.

Gas prices in Maryland are going up. Here's why.
Gas prices in Maryland are going up. Here's why. 02:01

BALTIMORE -- Gas prices keep climbing. According to AAA nationally, the average cost of gas is $3.87 up 5 cents in the last week.

In Maryland, the average is $3.80, up 27 cents in the past month.

Experts report the cost of oil is one reason why gas prices have jumped this summer. 

AAA told WJZ gas has gone up for two reasons: The first is due to crude oil prices. Crude oil has gone up for more than $10 per barrel since the beginning of the summer, and the second reason is due to demand— more people are traveling this summer.

Marylanders say they are paying more at the pump this summer.  

"To fill up the tank on 93 – a cool 60 bucks, 60 bucks, yeah 6-0," said one Baltimore resident. 

"It ain't high to the other kinds of people because they got money, we don't got no money so gas seems so high," another told WJZ. 

A spokesperson for AAA says the price of crude oil is up. and about 50% of what people pay at the pump is directly related. 

"Crude oil prices were around $67 per barrel back at the end of June, but then into July, and even here into August, we've started to see prices climb up into the low to mid $80 per barrel," said Morgan Dean, a spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Dean says that compared to 2022, gas prices have slowed, but it does not guarantee prices will go down anytime soon– especially with the height of hurricane season around the corner.

"We're getting into the height of hurricane season. We do not want to have a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico," said Dean. "There are oil platforms there, oil refining facilities all around the Gulf of Mexico on the coast, and then we also have pipelines that come from that area and feed fuel to places all across the country."

 "We do not want to see a major disruption where they're clearing those platforms, or there's damage at some of the refineries or power outages or other things that come when a big system like that moves through that can disrupt all those operations that can really send prices very high for gas," said Dean. 

But for now, the community is simply looking for some relief. 

"Drill baby drill that's what I got to say drill baby drill so we can get some gas in this country," said Maryland resident Marion El Haddad. 

AAA did share a few tips to help you maximize your miles per gallon and save at the pump: 

  • Driving the speed limit 
  • Avoiding fast takeoffs and fast stops.
  • Check your tire pressure. Experts say if you're driving with tires that are under inflated, it makes your car work harder, which is burning more gas to get up to speed. 
  • Get your car tuned up. AAA says running an optimum performance will help you maximize your miles per gallon as well before you hit the road. 

Drivers can find current gas prices along their route using the AAA TripTik Travel planner. 


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